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Ignyte IQ detects significant changes in your metrics, finds causal explanations, and generates actionable insights. You just need to integrate your data sources in a few simple steps. Our platform does the rest.

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Ignyte IQ enables you to grow faster, act quicker, and collaborate better

Get actionable insights, track your OKRs, and save time with advanced dashboards.

AI–Powered Insights

Know What’s Happening. Know Why.

Unlock your Ecommerce growth using Ignyte IQ

Purpose-built AI
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Why Ignyte IQ?

Ignyte IQ continuously analyzes all your sales, advertising and inventory data to uncover growth opportunities

No more spending hours on manual data wrangling, error-prone analysis and guesswork

One app to serve as mission control for your store with a comprehensive featureset

No need to subscribe to many single-purpose apps

Integrate with your ecommerce and advertising platforms using a few simple steps

No need for expensive IT infrastructure, complex data pipelines, or purchasing connectors